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Picking out wedding bands is often one of the last big to-do’s before walking down the aisle. Your engagement ring says yes to getting engaged… your wedding bands say yes to forever.

The wedding band is the perfect opportunity to enhance that beautiful engagement ring and really show off your personal style. Wedding band options are more unique than ever. You are no longer limited to the classic thin, coordinating band. Now you have colors, shapes and multiple bands to consider!

Diamonds Ltd. is proud to offer El Cajon-area couples the best in men’s and women’s wedding bands. Here are a few different tips to consider when shopping for women’s wedding bands.

Her Wedding Band in 4 Steps

Choose your look.

Do you like the matching look or are you into something that stands on its own apart from your engagement ring? Contrasting engagement rings and wedding bands are on trend and create a look that’s all your own. If you love rose or yellow gold but have a white gold engagement ring, you might appreciate the mixed metal look with your wedding band.

Consider color.

We love the sparkle of white diamonds, but color is always invited to the party! Your wedding band can express your personal style or other things that are important to you like the birthstone of your partner or the month you will say “I do.” The most commonly chosen colored stones in a wedding band are ruby, emerald and sapphire.

Think about function.

If you are active or like to travel with minimal jewelry, you might like the option of wearing just your wedding band and leaving the engagement ring in the jewelry box. Consider a style that stands on its own so you have options that fit your lifestyle.

Play with numbers.

The only thing better than one stunning wedding band is two! When creating a look that complements your engagement ring, two (or more!) bands might be perfect for you. Try on a pair matching bands stacked on either side of your engagement ring and see what you think!


Find your perfect wedding band from Diamonds Ltd. at our El Cajon, CA, showroom, or explore RingBuilder online here

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Thank you for working with my fiancé on the design and creating the BEST RING EVER!

The ornaTe details, the beautiful setting, and the super blinging stones are royal.” — Taura G. on Yelp