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We’ve all seen it happen—maybe you’ve even been guilty of it yourself—when the newly engaged show off their freshly-adorned fingers to get a glimpse of “the rock.” Wow! When the light hits a diamond engagement ring just right, the sparkle can be blinding! It’s no wonder that diamonds have been glittering on the fingers of brides for centuries. But what exactly is going on that makes the king of bling so flashy?

Diamonds Need To Be Cut To Sparkle

A diamond that is mined directly from the Earth just looks like a transparent rock. Hidden within its unchiseled exterior lies a world of potential. While a raw diamond is still considered valuable for its carat weight, color and clarity, it is much cheaper than finished diamonds because it lacks sparkle. It will have to undergo a complicated cutting and polishing process to really make it special.

What Makes Your Diamond Sparkle?

A finished diamond requires the skilled craftsmanship of an experienced diamond cutter. Modern cutting tools use lasers to shed a diamond’s rough exterior and a diamond-dusted cutting wheel to slowly grind down and polish each of its carefully angled facets. Getting the precise proportions and correct alignment of these facets is imperative for creating sparkle. When light passes through a faceted diamond just right, it bounces and reflects that light from all angles like a hall of mirrors.

What Affects Your Diamond’s Sparkle?

Light plays a pivotal role in a diamond’s unique optical characteristics. A beautifully cut diamond will sparkle best when three special effects are in perfect balance: brilliance, fire and scintillation.

  • Brilliance: refers to the amount of white light that is reflected through a diamond, making it look as if it is lit from within. The key word here is “brightness.”
  • Fire: describes the colorful flashing effect a diamond produces like a prism. Light is dispersed into a spectrum of unexpected colors because of its inner crystalline structure.
  • Scintillation: is dependent on movement, which is why a wiggling finger can make a diamond ring flash. Specks of light are bounced around the pattern within the diamond, and the contrast of light and dark areas creates that signature sparkle.

Where To Purchase A Diamond That Sparkles

As we know now, diamond sparkle is influenced by several factors such as the diamond’s cut and the way it interacts with light. As well, we understand that diamonds are flawless, making them both the perfect part of a glamorous wedding and a symbol of everlasting love.

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