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Diamond brilliance refers to the white light or white flashes that bounce back when the stone hits the light. This is what makes a diamond look spectacular. It’s vital to understand the different terms used to describe diamonds. Read on to get more information about diamond brilliance. 

Sparkle vs. Fire vs. Brilliance

Most people choose diamonds based on how they sparkle in the light. But did you know this effect combines three distinct components—brilliance, fire, and scintillation? Some people confuse these terms. For instance, some use diamond brilliance and sparkle interchangeably, but they are different components.

Sparkle (Scintillation) signifies the flashes of light or sparkles which a diamond produces when exposed to a light source. It’s the light that bounces off the diamond’s facets.

Diamond fire denotes the diffraction of white lights to form a rainbow of colors. It’s the dispersion of white light inside the diamond that results in the color spectrum.

Diamond brilliance describes the white sparkle of light that seems to pour out of the precious stone. Brilliance denotes the amount of light reflected by a diamond. 

What Determines Diamond Brilliance?

According to gemologists, the core factor that determines a diamond’s value and appearance is its cut. The diamond cutting process transforms the rough crystal into a breathtaking faceted gemstone.

The cut determines how light passes through the diamond and how it reflects. It considers each facet, its symmetry, proportion, and polish. A diamond’s cut is the chief determinant of its brilliance.

After mining diamonds, an expert diamond cutter examines them to decide on the best cut to maximize their natural properties and size. They can choose a step cut, resulting in a diamond with fewer facets on the crown but more fire. Alternatively, they can opt for a brilliant cut, which results in a diamond with more facets and brilliance.

How to Choose a Brilliant Diamond

Choosing a brilliant diamond can be challenging, but you should not buy your diamond blindly. Please speak to our skilled gemologists to guide you about the ideal cut, angles, and diamond properties. With the right information, you’re well equipped to purchase your dream jewel.