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A baguette diamond, despite what some may believe at first glance, is not named after the popular French bread. Both popular items are actually named after the literal translation of “baguette”, which means “stick”. The shape of the diamond is not what gave it the name, however, as the diamond’s cut is not in the shape of a stick. It’s a special cut of diamond that allows the center stone to shine more brilliantly.

The Characteristics Of A Baguette Diamond

These diamonds are typically cut into a long, rectangular shape, but they can also be square or tapered. They fall into a certain category of diamond cuts known as step cuts. They only have 14 facets, and as such they don’t have the internal brilliance of a brilliant-cut diamond. When they’re in a series, the diamond produces a different kind of brilliance as the light bounces off of each stone. Since these diamonds don’t have brilliance on their own, it’s essential that they’re kept clean.

How To Find The Perfect Baguette Diamond

Depending on the specific cut of a baguette diamond, you’ll want to find stones that match colors to each other, and the main diamond as well. Clarity is something to look out for too, as imperfections in these diamonds are easily seen to the naked eye due to the lack of a natural brilliance. You may want to go for a baguette diamond that’s a few grades higher than what’s typically purchased, so the imperfections aren’t as visible. 

The setting of a baguette diamond is also quite important, as these diamonds can be chipped easily. The right setting can keep your diamond from being damaged too easily, and can keep you wearing it for many years to come. 

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