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Giving a diamond as a part of a marriage proposal is a time-honored tradition that continues today. There is much to think about before you start shopping. Our team at Diamonds LTD. is here to help you understand the different engagement ring styles even before you arrive in our showroom.

Engagement Ring Settings

There are a variety of engagement ring settings to choose from. Each offers a different personality and look which when making a purchase should reflect the style of the person who will be wearing the ring. Here’s a breakdown of some popular settings:

  • Prongs: One of the most traditional settings, prongs are claws that hold the stones in place. Depending on the style of the ring and size of the diamond most rings have 4-6 prongs. 
  • Bezel: This setting wraps around the outside of the diamond securing it in place. A full bezel offers a more modern look and a slightly heavier ring because of the extra material needed to secure the diamond.
  • Half-Bezel: Similar to the full bezel because pressure hugs the stone in place, the half-bezel differs in the amount of material used and light that reflects off the diamond. Those who like the look of the bezel but crave the shine of the prong setting will love the look of this setting.
  • Channel: A channel setting is typically for smaller, accent stones. This setting uses metal tracks to secure the stones. 

Center Stone Shapes

  • Round: Circular and perfectly symmetrical. 
  • Cushion: A blend of round and square. Also known as pillow cut.
  • Oval: Oblong and circular. 
  • Pear: Shaped just like the fruit — rounded at the bottom with a point at the top.
  • Asscher: Square, step cut similar to emerald.

Engagement Ring Metals

There are quite a few choices to consider when selecting the type of metal your engagement ring will be. Gold offers three different hues, yellow, white, and rose. Platinum and other metals may be more scratch resistant or offer relief to sensitive skin. You can read more about choosing between white gold and platinum on our blog.