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Gold and silver have been coveted for millennia. For decades, they have been purchased as a physical investment vehicle. That said, investing in precious metals, like platinum, gold and silver, has disadvantages. If you’re wondering whether diamonds are a better alternative, you’re not alone. Keep reading to find out. 

Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

Yes, diamonds are undoubtedly a good investment. Here’s a brief summary of some of the advantages of investing in diamonds. 


One of the most compelling advantages of investing in diamonds instead of precious metals is the size difference. Diamonds can easily be worth tens of thousands of dollars and stored in the smallest waterproof, fireproof safe. With that being said, they’re not just easy to store. They’re also a lot easier to transport than precious metals. 


Another incredibly compelling advantage of investing in diamonds rather than precious metals is the durability of diamonds. Diamonds are the toughest substance known on earth. Unlike precious metals, you don’t need to worry about your diamond chipping, breaking or otherwise becoming damaged.

This means you can enjoy your diamond until you need to sell it. While it is possible to store it in a safe deposit box in a bank, you can also put it in the setting of your choice and wear it every day. 

Inflation Proof

Yet another advantage of investing in diamonds instead of precious metals is the stability of their value. People once thought gold was an excellent hedge against inflation. However, history has invalidated this thought. For instance, from 1980 to 2001, the value of gold decreased by over 80%. Contrastingly, the value of diamonds increases with inflation. 

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Diamonds are a phenomenal investment because they are small, durable and inflation-proof. For help selecting the best diamonds to invest in, please contact our experts today at Diamonds LTD.